Shelby Gibson’s First All The Way XXX Sex

Shelby Gibson’s First All The Way XXX Sex

Shelby Gibson's First All The Way XXX Sex

SCORE reader’s wife (and a fan herself) Shelby Gibson makes her long-awaited comeback after a three year absence to whole her fantasy: a full-sex, all-the-way, XXX scene, rogering her beloved porn chap JMac, the people’s prepossession.

When Dave announced on the SCORELAND Blog that he had just interviewed Shelby, the comment section exploded, proving that Team SCORE wasn’t alone in hoping and wishing that Shelby would ultimately return to do that XXX screw that babe fantasized about and commented about after she and JMac did a Love bubbles & Tugs scene in 2015.

Shelby spoken about her reaction to seeing her earlier discharges. She’ll be feeling the same way, maybe even hornier, when this babe watches this scene.

“I observed them by myself and with my spouse. My spouse was right there when we did the discharge, which made it even hotter. It was hot, made me concupiscent! Made me enjoyment myself. We’ve watched the Love muffins & Tugs scene over thirty times.

“When I look at it with husband, he goes nuts. That man receives super-horny and so do I. This chab can not watch my clips alone out of shooting his cum. We have had sex many times watching it. It’s a real turn-on. My 1st scenes have given me more confidence and allowed me to let go more. Having astonishing sex with JMac at SCORE was one of my top 3 raunchy experiences.”

SCORELAND: Shooting the pix and shooting the episode are different experiences. Do u detect both experiences equally enjoyable or do you identify one more thrilling than the other?

Shelby: You’re right, they’re a bit different. On one hand the images are tougher ‘cuz we need to keep stopping the action and pose. But, on the other hand, it’s good doing the fotos first ‘coz it lets us ease into it and get used to every other. It truly receives me even more in the mood. The pictures are thrilling ‘cuz it’s the first time we gotta suck and shag. But the movie scene is exciting ‘cuz we don’t get to avoid. In fact, we kept fucking even when the digi camera was not rolling! A few times, the photographer indeed left the room but we kept going because we were having so much joy! That stud would come back in the room and say, “Wow, u 2 are indeed into it!” We were!

SCORELAND: Did you specifically ask JMac to do anything you had been thinking about?

Shelby: Yes, I asked him to kiss me. It makes me hornier for him. And I asked him to lick my muff. He made me cum numerous times last time and I wanted that anew. So this chab did it to me anew and made me so soaked that I did not need any lube to fuck him. Oh my God, it was hawt!

SCORELAND: Dave’s first blog posting about talking to u attracted over 60 comments. What was your 1st reaction to that?

Shelby: Yeah, it got to 66 comments! I couldn’t make no doubt of it! I still cant make almost certainly of it! I guess of myself as just a SCORE reader’s wife having naughty pleasure. I am not a adept adult model so it’s even more flattering to know that I’ve so many fans. I hope that they adore my recent sets and let us know that they want to watch more. I started an Instagram account, ShelbyGibson34HH.

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Classy Katia does two young studs

Chic Katia does two young bucks

Classy Katia does two youthful studs

In this scene, 63-year-old Katia, one of our most-popular grannies ever, sucks and copulates 2 juvenile chaps. When the scene widens, this babe is standing in front of a mirror, making sure this babe looks great. That babe too does. She’s wearing short shorts, something most sweethearts her age wouldn’t dare wear.

Well, the 2 boys who are working in her house initiate talking about Katia, maybe tag-teaming her, and that babe overhears them.

“I think that is a great idea,” this babe says. “Why do not we go inside?”

Katia has 2 children and six grandchildren, and none of ’em know she’s here, doing this for all the world to see. This babe is purely an non-professional when it comes to rogering on-camera. She’s done it solely for us, and yet she bonks adore a skillful.

“I’m getting even more amazing,” Katia said. “I feel better. I feel sexy in my body. I do what I please.”

That is for sure!

60PlusMILFs: You once said us that your raunchy fantasy was a four-man group-sex. Has it happened?
Katia: Not yet. I am still expecting. Having sex with 2 chaps like I am here is about the closest I have come.
60PlusMILFs: What are u envisaging for?
Katia: Y’all! U have to make this happen for me!
60PlusMILFs: Well, I am sure you could arrange it for yourself just by asking. How do u envision this four-man gangbang happening?
Katia: I’d probably give them blow jobs. One is mouthing my love bubbles. Another one is screwing my love tunnel or my ass.
60PlusMILFs: U like anal job?
Katia: It depends on the size. When I was here in 2009, u gave me a massive one. He must’ve been 12 inches!
60PlusMILFs: What do you like about giving blow jobs?
Katia: I like the way it feels in my face hole and the way the gent feels when I am giving it to him. I love the sensation of the charmer cumming in my mouth. That’s why I like blow jobs.

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Avalon’s Outdoor Sex

Avalon’s Outdoor Sex

Avalon's Outdoor Sex

Avalon and Ryan detect a secluded spot in a woodsy area for a hawt date, with more of an emphasis on erotic sex and intimacy than subrigid pounding porn sex. Coz of that style and the location, and Avalon’s nature-girl looks, it’s love we’re spying on a real partner and girlfriend couple fucking outside on a windy, sunny day.

“I have sex less often than what people appear to be to expect,” said Avalon. “I adore playfulness and genuine joy previous to and after sex. I don’t have one prefered position. It changes depending on who I’m with and where I’m. Washroom tiles are slippery and doggie on a bench could be awkward. Being outdoors in nature got me feeling good and lewd.”

Avalon and Ryan undress every other (there’s a carefree, hawt discharged of her walking topless to the spot they throw the blanket on) and there’re times when she steals glances in our direction, such as when she sucks on his knob and rides on top.

Avalon squeezes his rod between her pale, creamy zeppelins, then cups ’em in her hands in an offering pose. He jerks his nut-sauce out, coating her pointer sisters. Avalon rubs her sticky boobies together. As that babe told, “I have the ideal landing zone prominently placed upon my chest.”

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From Purity To Pounding

From Purity To Pounding

From Purity To Pounding

“I was the odd awkward gal in high school,” Lexy said us. “I had a purity ring that I wore each single day. That was uncommon in Detroit. But my partner begged and begged to sleep with me, and I eventually gave in and had sex. This chab was the merely petticoat chaser I ever thought I would be with. I didn’t even flirt with somebody else.”

Maybe Lexy’s high-school years could have been better if this babe let the boyz on the football team bonk her constricted love tunnel and cum on her cute face. That is what this babe let the lad in this movie do to her, and that charmer seems to like her just worthy.

Lexy dropped her good-girl act when that babe got to high school. “My first month at school I went to a frat party that later turned into an fuckfest. Fellows were rogering cuties, beauties were screwing angels. It was insane. I had some other honey licking my rectal hole as a boy was thrusting into my pussy. It was completely potty.” We asked Lexy if that party is where this babe learned to like backdoor pleasures. “I’m still not absolutely sold on anal. It hurts! But when I’m super-horny, it feels mind boggling. I just have to be in the right mood.”

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Ivy Ices fucks her step-son

Ivy Ices shags her step-son

Ivy Ices bonks her step-son

When 48-year-old Ivy Ices walks into her bedroom, this babe catches her step-son lying in her couch and jacking off. At first, she’s a little bit put off by this, but then that babe pays attention something.

“Why are you wanking off so fast?” she says. “Do you know what you’re doing? Do u know how to stroke?”

Ivy decides to unveil him. Not ever mind that the guy is her step-son. Anyway, this babe has certain skills, so she might as well pass them along.

But that babe does more than jack his dong. This babe tit-fucks and sucks his knob. Then that babe rides his ding-dong, and almost all of this happens P.O.V.-style, so you’re the guy. Meaning Ivy is jacking and engulfing and tit-fucking and screwing your ding-dong. And you are cumming all over her beautiful face.

“When I’ve sex, I get so turned on that my slit gets very, very luscious,” said Ivy, who called herself Jade Steele when that babe made her porn debut at in 2014. “The shlong just slips in and out of me so easily ‘coz I’m all lubed up. It is the finest feeling when you’re luscious. That is how you know the sex is worthy.”

Ivy’s blow jobs are also very wonderful.

“I know how to wrap my lips around the weenie so it receives the full plushness of my lips with out messing up my lipstick. It takes practice!”

Ivy hasn’t had a lot of practice lately. She’d been celibate for about a year previous to this babe came to our studio. And then this babe came and came and came!

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Budding Beauty

Budding Dish

Budding Beauty

Violet is turning into a young woman.
Only final year this babe was barely five feet tall, rail thin and still playing with dolls. Seemingly overnight this babe grew taller and curvier, and her interests shifted from dolls to lads. She hasn’t completely prevented playing with toys, but now that babe prefers the kind that vibrate and make her bawdy cleft cum. “I was a late bloomer. While all the gals around me were experimenting with sex and growing titties and booties, I was still in my own little world. And then I just started to get lewd. Suddenly I was fixated with boys and schlongs. I caught up, except my bra buddies haven’t got the memo [Laughs].”

Do u wish u had bigger milk cans?
“I guess it would be worthy, but I don’t think about it likewise much. Although my mambos haven’t grown much, my butt sure has! I had to buy all new underclothing and jeans ‘coz my ass got also large for them. Other gals might have scones, but I have got the butt. It’s my beloved feature on myself and I like to costume to display it off in slight shorts, tight pants and really short skirts.”

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Really Big Bras For Julia Jones’ Really Big Breasts

Really Bigger in size than typical Bras For Julia Jones’ Truly Big Boobies

Really Big Bras For Julia Jones' Truly Bigger in size than typical Breasts

It’s a truly larger than run of the mill undergarment show by Julia Jones. The heavy tit-slings are laid out on the couch, ready for this friendly redhead to try out on her truly greater than run of the mill bouncy bosoms. Julia is only 5’3″. Think about that for a minute.

When she is not on-webcam or taking pictures, Julia doesn’t suit to expose off her tits and body.

“No, I at not time do this,” said Julia. “I merely wear average raiment. I do not have to draw any attention in any case ‘coz I acquire it cuz of the size of my milk shakes. People can see how larger than typical they are out of me wearing fetching raiment.

“The attention varies from country to country. The country where the majority chaps are always looking at me is Italy, in my opinion.”

Julia likes to ride her bike, drive her car, read, play poker and cook. She’s a well-rounded female-dom.

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Ivy sucks and fucks, and you’re the man!

Ivy sucks and shags, and you’re the gent!

Ivy sucks and copulates, and you are the petticoat chaser!

“I adore to be kinky,” 48-year-old Mommy Ivy Ices told.

For sample…

“I one time used a strap-on to fuck a boy. We had been allies, and we hooked up one night and it happened. He enjoyed it. This chab came whilst I was rogering him.”

That babe is had perverted sex with a woman.

“My partner and I picked up a gal, so we were drinking wine and I just happened to drill her with the wine bottle. This babe truly got off on that.”

You’ll get off on Ivy, a dark-haired, monster titted, voluptuous ravisher who, in this scene, jacks and sucks a guy’s jock and then screws him, mostly P.O.V.-style. That means you are the ladies man.

Ivy had been practicing celibacy in advance of this babe came to our studio. We put an end to that.

“I adore the taskmaster stuff,” that babe told. “More me telling him what to do. For example, he is been at work all day being the Alpha male. When this chab comes home, this chab can be my slave. Receive on his knees and lick my vagina. Probably castigation him with some masturbation. Cook dinner. Have him do everything. Have him serve me.”

That doesn’t sound like punishment to us.

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