Office Hottie Alert

Office Hottie Alert

Office Hottie Alert

Every company should have a front office hottie like Elle Flynn. The problem with this suggestion would be the endless parade of salesmen, delivery guys and repairmen, not to mention co-workers, all hanging out by her desk waiting for her to bend over or adjust her bra.

You’ve seen Elle shake ’em up real good when she talked about her job back home. And check out that spankable ass and her shapely legs. Having them wrapped around your neck would be a nice way to spend an afternoon. This knock-out photo set shows every inch of her hotness.

It was a happy hooter day when 36DDD-cupper Elle decided to accept an offer from SCORELAND and join The Big Show. Most don’t start off with a bang like Elle did. “I love my tits,” Elle said in a comment that brought tears to our eyes. “They’re mine. I made them. I didn’t buy them. I just love my tits and I want to spread the joy around.”

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Naive looking…filthy acting!

Naive looking…filthy acting!

Naive looking...filthy acting!

“I work the late shift in a diner. The tips are better than during the day because we get truckers coming in at night,” Navaeh said. “I love flirting with the guys, not just ’cause they tip me more but because I get wet doing it. Am I just a slut, or what?

“My boyfriend’s a cook in the same diner and on the same hours as me. He gets the benefits of my flirting ’cause I’m often so horny when we get in his truck after work that I want to stop on the way home for a quickie, or at least be fingered till I cum. I gave him a camera for his birthday and the chance to take these photos. He doesn’t know that I’m sharing them with NN.”

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Naughty Nymph

Naughty Nymph

Naughty Nymph

Saige Aeryne loves dressing up in her fairy outfit and prancing about in the great outdoors. She feels so at ease there she’ll occasionally get naked, enjoying the comfort of being completely free. Today, as she strips off her billowing lace skirt and thong she can feel the leaves and vines on the trees practically caressing her legs. Looking down, she sees what she would call a fairy’s treasure–a few golden coins scattered upon the ground. We like to call it booty! She lies on her back with her long legs in the air, flipping the coins between her toes before letting them fall back down onto her stomach and exposed pussy. She reaches for them and grazes her pussy, which feels so good she goes in for more. As she writhes in pleasure on the soil, surrounded by her new riches, this hippie chick looks more like a nympho than a nymph!

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Big tits, big ass and lots of lingerie

Big tits, big ass and lots of lingerie

Big tits, big ass and lots of lingerie

While 47-year-old divorcee and mom Kailani Kai was packing for her trip to Florida to shoot for, she went through her wardrobe looking for the right bikinis, lingerie and outfits to pack. Today, Kailani tries on some of her lingerie choices. You pick your favorite and we’ll let her know.

“I love the thought of guys having a happy ending watching me do anything,” Kailani said. “Trying on sexy outfits, playing with myself, getting stretched by a big stud. It makes my day when a fan tells me he came to my pics or videos.

“When I see a hot guy and I get a good vibe from him, I may go over and say hi, make small talk or just wait to see if he comes over and talks to me. I’ll look at him with these flirty eyes so he knows I find him attractive. Just as much as I love to try on lingerie, I love taking it off for horny men. I love big, hard cocks.”

She also said, “I like having my butt spanked.”

That’s the thing with Kailani: Would you spend more time playing with her ass or her tits? Hey, why choose? As Kailani has shown us before, she loves having her tits and her ass fucked. And although she’s doing it here, Kailani doesn’t masturbate often.

“Nothing beats the real thing,” she said.

Kailani used to be a flight attendant. She enjoys camping. She’s not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. She’s not into women. She’s into cock. Are you man enough for her?

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A Panty Sniffer’s Reward

A Panty Sniffer’s Reward

A Panty Sniffer's Reward

“I walked into my room and caught my dad’s friend sniffing my panties! At first I was shocked, but then I got really turned on. It was like I didn’t know if I should yell at him or fuck him! Well, I decided to fuck him, and that was definitely the right decision. He ate my pussy and we 69ed, which got me even hornier. By the time he stuck his dick in me, I was already on the verge of cumming, which I ended up doing a couple of times. Since I came, I wanted to make sure he came really hard, even though he’s a dirty panty sniffer. So I rode him hard and backed my ass up into him while we fucked. Judging by the load he blew all over my face, he came hard alright!”

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Nubiles - Sherice


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Nov 24, 2020


Redhead babe Sherice is ready to rock your world. This wild child has dropped out of school and is killing it making a go at full time camming. With that tight little figure of hers, it’s no surprise that people would love to see more.

Alby Daor’s lingerie and pussy show

Alby Daor’s lingerie and pussy show

Alby Daor's lingerie and pussy show

The last time we saw Alby Daor, she was helping her best friend, Jynn, with her first hardcore scene. By “help,” we mean guiding a stud’s cock into Jynn’s mouth and sucking it herself, guiding the cock into Jynn’s pussy and getting fucked herself and sharing a load of cum.

But this week belongs to Alby. Today, solo photos and video of this super-horny wife and mom looking super-hot in lingerie and fingering herself until she cums. Thursday, sucking and fucking the same hung stud who did her and Jynn last time.

Alby is now 51 years old. She lives in Detroit, Michigan, she has a tight little body with perky tits and always-erect nipples and she barely weighs a hundred pounds.

Alby’s top three sexual encounters:

1. “Riding in the back seat of my SUV with Jynn, the windows rolled down and Jynn using a vibrator on me. Truck drivers were watching as they drove by and honking their horns.”

2. “My man licking my pussy in a hotel lobby late at night because he could not keep his hands off of me.”

3. “My man hiding in our apartment, waiting for me to come home from work, and surprising me by grabbing me as soon as I walked into the bedroom. He then threw me onto the bed and had his way with my body.”

She told us, “Being a porn star makes me feel sexy. I feel sexy knowing people are watching me cum on film.”

By the way, Jynn makes her comeback in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

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Hookin’ It

Hookin’ It

Hookin' It

Lavish Styles looks like pop diva Rihanna. Except Lavish is a pop shot diva, which is better. We don’t know if Lavish has the pipes to sing like Rihanna but she has the pipes to suck a hard man’s meat-bone. And suck it all the way down her throat.

Her big tits, fucking talents and deep-throating skills give more experienced hookers a dash for their cash. Lavish’s sleazy mack daddy lines up a sucker and takes a deposit on her valuable cunt which will be paid in full once Lavish arrives at the sucker’s motel. When we meet Lavish, she is just finishing up some business in the ladies room. It’s a very classy introduction. Her player phones Lavish and employs his standard business motivational technique which is talking at an audio volume slightly less than a jumbo jet taking off. But Lavish’s cunt is primo and she knows it. She takes no crap from a pimp’s rap.

“I got into the game ’cause I love money and I love dick, in that order. My name is Lavish because I like the finer things in life. Pay me well and you’ll get the best fuck money can buy.” When Lavish shows up, she gives her trick a little body show first to let him know what his money will be buying. Her bushy pussy intrigues him. He’s not seen many whores with a bush. Lavish kneels before him and takes his big prick in her mouth to stiffen it for deposit into her money-hole.

The show is about to begin! Take a walk on the seamy side of town where the pussycats roam.

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