Angie Noir – The ultimate creampie

The topmost ball batter pie

The topmost creampie

When this scene opens, Angie is clothed comparatively conservatively in suit trousers and a button-down shirt. By the time the scene ends, cum is pouring with out Angie’s just-fucked wet crack and this babe is digging two fingers unfathomable into her pink bawdy cleft so she can fish out whatever’s left.

“Cum inside my cunt,” Angie says to us.

Um, Angie, somebody’s already done that. But after u clean up, we’d love to fill you up once more.

Angie, a 46-year-old wife from Florida, is confirmation that sometimes, you just can’t tell about a domme. Angie is soft-spoken. That babe resembles a trophy wife, which is what she’s. But then this babe starts engulfing cock and getting rogered and it’s as if someone flicked a switch. Presto! From woman-next-door to lewd slut!

Angie tells her ladies man that babe is intend to take care of him, but first, she’s gonna display him what that babe has, which is a taut body with wonderful firm tits, all clothed up in hot underware. Her deep-sucking style is very remarkable, especially when this babe looks into the camera, and this babe truly takes a hard rogering from this big-dicked woman chaser. But the jism pie is really the highlight of the show. Angie spreads her legs wide and puckers her butthole and cum pours without her now-gaping vagina. Drip-drip-drip. Her bawdy cleft is very pink and luscious, which is what a just-fucked bawdy cleft should look adore.

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Chloe Vevrier – Chloe And Danni Ashe

Chloe And Danni Ashe

Chloe And Danni Ashe

Go back to October, 1993 with Danielle Ashe, as that babe was called then, and Chloe in London for a savory stuffing. Wow! Look how youthful they were back then. SCORE takes responsiblity for the introductions. Chloe is primarily the dominating one as she usually was with the smaller Danni in their other lezzie pictorials, either in the studio or on location. One as well as the other were cuming into their own as world-class lickers of nice-looking woman flesh. Give ’em a worthwhile couple of areolas to kiss and engulf on, and they were in hooter heaven. And we all got to check out. Chloe could not keep herself off Danni. Danni was an important and valued SCORE Hotty during her early days, lensed in London, and on location, for SCORE and V-Mag many times. Danni’s other poonani-parties included sorties with Minka, SaRenna, Becky Sunshine, Traci Topps, Carrie and many others. Plus who can forget that threeway with Chloe and Carrie? Danni was one of the original Boob Cruise girls (paired with Chloe lengthy before the Cruises began) and partnered with Scoreland in the early days of the Internet. This day, Danni’s married and a millionaire from the web.

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Dominique – The Plumber Gets A Tip

The Plumber Acquires A Tip

The Plumber Receives A Tip

What’s a gal to do when the water will not run in her kitchen sink? Why, call the plumber, of course. Dominique expects to receive some mature lad with a hairy ass-crack but is surprised when a young Lothario turns up to do the job. Watching him do his thing receives her hawt and lustful. This babe wants to give him a tip, but he’s not allowed to accept specie. Fortunately, the company rules probably don’t say everything about getting his ding-dong sucked and then rogering the lady of the abode on the kitchen table. Appears love that smooth operator fixed her rammed sink by stuffing her fur pie!

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Alesia Pleasure – Built for pleasure

Pumped up for fun

Built for pleasure

Alesia wasn’t always the lady you are seeing here, the one who’s pinching her beautiful nipps and proudly showing off her curvy, fuckable booty. Not likewise lengthy ago, Alesia was trapped in a bad marriage. Sex was awful. “It was more about him getting off and not worrying about how I felt,” that babe told. “If that lady-killer finished in advance of me, he’d roll over and go to sleep. I went to Catholic school, and oral-stimulation and all that kind of sex was considered bad, so I by no means went down on my husband. I thought sex was a duty. It was a chore. But I did a 180.” And that 180-degree turn has brought her to

“I think everyone I know would be shocked without their minds if they knew I was doing this,” told Alesia, who can too be watched rogering one of our guys in her first XXX scene and getting her butt rogered for an encore. “I used to be a Republican committeewoman. I went door-to-door to get votes. I was as conservative as could be. I never imagined I would be doing anything love this.” But, now, the ex-spouse is gone (Alesia is engaged to be married), and Alesia is doing things like this and having sex in the back of her SUV in the middle of the day.

Alesia, who lives in a diminutive town outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has become a totally independent and free domina since she dumped her ex-partner. This babe owns a medical billing service, and this babe says this babe doesn’t have any hobbies coz “I don’t have too much spare time.” But this babe does have time for sex, which that babe has three or four times a week. “I’ve become sexually confident since my divorce,” Alesia told. “If I want sex, I’ll let my lady-killer know it. He’ll be sat on the bed, and I’ll just lean over and take his schlong out.”

“Men love my butt, and I like anal invasion,” said Alesia, who not at any time got ass-fucked by her first husband. “No way!” she told. “But I’m sure I’ll have anal sex on my wedding night…after I have sucked my recent husband’s 10-Pounder and had him enjoyment my love tunnel, of course.” Of course. ‘cuz Alesia has learned that raunchy fun is something that needs to be given and received. “The female you are seeing now, in those pics, did not exist 10 years ago. Even seven years agone. I am glad the real me came out.” So are we.

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Alexis Adams – Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots

Alexis, why did u make a decision to come shoot for our mag?
“I had a friend who did it and she really liked it. And I suppose I just desire to be admired. It appears to be pleasure, u know? I always liked to do my hair and make-up, but at the same time I would always take naked pics of myself and send ’em to guys, so I figured why not? Part of it’s likewise that there’s smth indeed nasty about it.
Knowing that boys are looking at my exposed fotos and getting off is hawt. I wanna be their sex fantasy.”

Did you tell everyone you were going to do it, or was it a secret?
What would u do if everyone discovered out?

“I solely told my closest ally that I was intend to do it. I wanted it to
be a secret as much as possible, but I was ready if everyone discovered out. And let’s be honest, the chances of
that happening were gorgeous nice! Well, the 1st mag you put me in, the Back to School issue, just came
out. Some people I know detected out about it ’cause I think they see a lot of porn. It hasn’t widen adore wildfire
yet, but it probably will. I am ok with that. I adore glamour modeling.”

Would you ever fuck a fan of yours?
“If that guy was hot, yes. I’ve fantasized about a lad coming up to me ’cause this chab recognized me, then going in the washroom and fucking him.”

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Natalie Fiore – All This And Tits Too

All This And Love melons Too

All This And Mounds Too

Natalie Fiore is one nice-looking lady. Voted #18 in the top Twenty of all-time SCORE Cuties. And that babe did it in her own way at her own pace. We feel like we’ve known Natalie for many years although it’s been solely since 2007 that this babe decided to try glamour modeling.

Natalie’s breasts seem to increase exponentially every time we see her. And every time this babe shakes the camera up with an increase in cup size, her popularity rises.

“I used to be a DD. Then an E. Then an F. Now I suppose I am an H,” Natalie says. “I do not know why they keep growing. They just keep growing. I do not know why. Hormones? Maybe God wishes me to have large billibongs. They’re still firm and str8 with out a underneath garment.”

“I like a man to worship my bra-busters,” Natalie has told many times. That babe has no problem finding worshipers. There’re countless numbers of ’em around the world.

Even though Natalie has only been adult modeling for five years, she is already a rock star in the larger than run of the mill boob world. Interestingly sufficient, very hardly any boys comment about wanting to watch her receive rogered. It could be that they wanna maintain an image of her as a female-dom and cant imagine another woman chaser even touching her, just themselves. Kerry Marie and Lorna Morgan also have this effect.

Usually when a recent glamour model debuts, a large percentage of the vocal minority writes in about wanting to see her in hardcore action. But not so much with Natalie who is old-school when it comes to getting sexed on digital camera, just love Kerry and Lorna.

“I guess I’m kind of a mystery. I love sex and I’m very open about it, but I’m selective and I won’t jump into bed with just any Lothario who comes along, I do not care how handsome he’s, or rich or everything else. I need to urge him, respect him and have to know him at least some. Then, watch out!”

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Lori Suarez – A big cock for the big-assed lady

A big dick for the big-assed female

A bigger than standard 10-Pounder for the big assed lady

Lori Suarez, a first-timer from Miami, Florida, is one of these bitch angel who has at not time asked her hubby, “Does this dress make my butt look also large?” ‘coz with Lori, the bigger in size than standard booty is the complete point. The large ass–not to mention the Latin chick sluttiness–is what attracted us to her in the first place. And, no, the suit Lori is wearing in this episode does not make her wazoo look too big. It makes her butt look astronomical. Cuz her a-hole is stupendous. Lori is sat on the sofa with Johnny. Lori is 50. Johnny is 25. That’s right, half her age. They are members of a mutual admiration society. They can’t live with out each other’s larger than average things. This dude likes big butts.
“I love large ramrods,” Lori says.
Neither one will be frustrated. Lori acquires on all fours so Johnny can play games with her ass. He slaps it and kisses it.
“I can’t await till u shag me,” Lori says as Johnny jiggles her wazoo, setting off a tidal wave of rippling flesh.
After Johnny is done with her butt (for now), that babe sucks his weenie. Then he fucks her wet crack on a couch that looks likewise small for one as well as the other of ’em.
“Oh, shag me!” Lori screams.
But the majority precious part is when this babe rides his meat-thermometer and we watch her massive arse bouncing up and down on his immense meat-thermometer.
And where does Johnny discharge his sperm one time Lori’s constricted, pink Latin chick cunt has sent him to the edge?

Where do u think? The same place u would!

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Alura Jenson – Boom-Boom In The VIP Room

Boom-Boom In The VIP Room

Boom-Boom In The VIP Room

There are a scarcely any things you must know about ultra-stacked blonde sex-bomb Alura Jenson from North Las Vegas. A fresh SCORE mag glamour model (June ’13 SCORE), Alura is a curvacious lap dancer with gigantic boobies at the world-famous Palomino Lap dancing club, the merely all-nude dancer club in that city that serves liquor. There, in that palace of pulchritude, Alura struts her enchanting, hot stuff whilst the patrons watching her sit, sip and grow sufficient wood to stock a furniture warehouse. Alura has been dancing for Mr. Largo here in the SCORE VIP Room and when her stopless set is over, this babe gets off the little stage and goes crazy-wild on his stiffie on the adjoining couch. Anything goes in this VIP room. That charmer has hit the jackpot with this bodaciously flirty and cheeky hottie. There is no hotter sofa dance than this. Alura jerks his pecker with a competent hand and blows it with a competent, talented mouth. This dancer truly can’t live out of the cock. She squeezes her bigger than average bra buddies jointly, his meat-thermometer between ’em and copulates it. Alura and Mr. Largo are willing to shag. She climbs on his lap, shoves his longhorn into her fuckin’ exotic dancer cookie and rides it like it is the bucking bronco at a western bar. That’s just the starting of the ride. Can you handle Alura Jenson? You’ll need all of your strength to keep her satisfied but that babe promises you the thrills of a lifetime. Forget the tip and give her the shaft! Let it ride. Alura’s payoff will be worth it all. It’s no gamble. She’s a sure thing.

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