Bailey Brooks – Check In, Get Off

Check In, Receive Off

Check In, Get Off

Sweaty and feverish, one ladies man lays prone on a motel sofa as another fondles the stockinged stunner in his lap. They watch the sexually excited heap on the daybed and laughingly offer that perhaps Bailey, the deviant dame in this scenario, should engulf the poison from his body via his knob. She’s randy about the idea. A chance for a seedy romp with two fellows in a motel in the centre of nowhere. This is the stuff of her most-erotic dreams. She crawls all over him whilst her other admirer caresses her shoes and licks her heels. What happens next is a sordid three-way filled with foot engulfing and screwing and 2 creamy loads of hot cum all over Bailey’s feet. The almost all deviant things happen in aged motels… especially the Motel Voyeur.

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Kelli Maxx – New Discovery

New Discovery

New Discovery

Meet Kelli Maxx from Boston, a angel willing to join the array of admirable foxes and vivacious sweethearts at Kelli is a web-cam model we contacted several months agone. She wanted to know all about us at 1st and one time this babe checked us out, it was all-systems go.

Does Kelli work-out? “Sometimes I hula-hoop. Does that count?”

What are Kelli’s hobbies? “I love to journey, look at documentaries and masturbate a lot.”

We know the answer to this question but we’ll ask in any case. Does Kelli have any peculiar talents? “I can hide all sorts of things betwixt and underneath my zeppelins. That is been my large talent since I was a teenager.”

Is Kelli into any kinky fetishes? “I dabble in findom [A fetish in which men are financially dominated. Some might call that marriage.] but other than that I like to get straight down to it.”

What kind of dates does Kelli adore to go on? “I’m old-fashioned. I love plan to dinner and seeing a movie scene. And ending the night in couch.”

Kelli has a chat with the director. She’s a little coyness at 1st since this is her first skillful discharge, and Kelli says she’s not a talker. This babe is more of doer. A body language hotty more than a chatty cutie. After a small in number minutes, Kelli loosens up and slides off her captivating garments to display her handsome body.

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Skye Lynne – Smart Cookie

Smart Bawdy cleft

Smart Cookie

“I’m probably not what people would expect. I acquire admirable grades and I am no troublemaker. I don’t go on the Internet likewise much. I mean, who has time for that? I live in the moment. I am currently taking a year off high school, but I going to study Actuarial science. I like math. U might think a gal adore me isn’t likely to take naked pics. The reason I’m doing it’s because I’m marvelous kinky for my age and there is plenty of stuff I desire to explore. I’m just a actually carnal person. I know I may be juvenile, but I have already joined the mile high exotic dancing club and have had over 150 orgasms over the span of six hours. I have even been with a fellow Fourty one years older than myself. I love to experiment!”

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Minka – Minka Jackumentary

Minka Jackumentary

Minka Jackumentary

October 2014 SCORE mag (on sale July 8th, 2014) will mark Twenty years since Minka’s launch in October 1994 issue. That in itself in the world of big-bust adult modeling is a major achievement when so many adult models come and go.
Before becoming a dancer and adult model, Minka was a ranked tennis player, something that remains her passion to today.

“One day, I was playing in the Asian Olympic Games in Chicago, and my ally, she’s a plastic surgeon, that babe and I were showering jointly and she said to me, ‘Why don’t you acquire into the men’s magazines? Do not train tennis. How much money can you make teaching tennis?’

“I didn’t even know about the magazines. I had not ever viewed ’em. So this babe brought SCORE mag tomorrow, and this babe said she’d never watched any cover of SCORE with an Oriental goddess. That babe said, ‘You have a photogenic face. You’re going to make it.’ When my ally showed me the magazine, I saw the telephone number and that is what I called. I sent 3 Polaroid photos. In all the pictures, I had a natural smile on my face. And it was going to be the first time an Asian hotty was on the cover. That was very important to me.”
Minka was in fact the first Oriental glamour model to become a covergirl in the big-bust mag category.

“So John Graham got the pics, then he called my house. That man told, ‘An airplane ticket is intend to be at your house in one or 2 days. I desire u to come to Britain.’ That’s it. So I went to UK. And this chab took a test picture and told I’d be on the cover, and then this smooth operator told that I’d be a feature dancer. I followed what Lisa Lipps and Casey James were doing. I did not know how to dance that way. I did not know how to sing. I did not know how to take off the hawt outfit. But I knew how to smile, and I learned what to do.”

This Jackumentary pays tribute to Minka’s longevity and popularity although Minka’s done so much that solely a DVD (Maximum Minka) could do her justice

“I knew I could do it, but plenty of gals back then were stuck up. They did not talk to me. And I thought, ‘Wait.’ And now, everybody’s gone, and I am here! And I am going to be here next year!”

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Featuring Brett Rossi at

Published on: 2014-04-25 22:19:00

Brett Rossi takes her lingerie off and tanalises her sexy love tunnel
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Lilli added to


Added on: 04/22/2014
Age: 18
Height: 5’9
Figure: 32B-28-31
Location: Czech

Example Pics/Vids of Lilli
Description: Recent faced dilettante Lilli is 18 years aged and willing to blossom into her raunchy self! Lilli is tall, slim, and has miniature merry meatballs. This babe has loved to please her smooth shaven snatch for so lengthy, and she’s kooky to lastly display it!

Kristine Kahill – Not So Cherry

Not So Cherry

Not So Cherry

Kristine is back and has a scarcely any stories!

Since this babe last posed for 18eighteen in Sept. ’13, Kristine’s racked up a few fresh experiences and that babe wants to share! First, there was the house party where she had her first three-girl sex party. “My face was moist with snatch juice!” Then there is the fresh toy. “My old ass-ramming prevented making me feel full so I bought a larger one. It’s twice as bigger in size than run of the mill so I had to work up to it. Now it fits!”

Kristine is trying to prove these cherries do not mean she is virginal…

She’s always had a wild streak, proving it by having wild sex in parks and going on plenty of dates with maturer fellows. In fact, she’s such a fan of old studs that she doesn’t have time for her girlfriends anymore. “I’m always on dates, which is worthwhile cuz they give me presents. When I do see friends they’re jealous. I just tell them to discover themselves a sugar daddy and we can double date!”

We think u are consummate!

So where did Kristine’s wild-child attitude come from? “Well, I have always been bad, but ever since I realized how much more stylish sex is than masturbating I’ve been hooking up a lot more!” Certainly that doesn’t mean that babe is not fondelling that pleasant, little cunny of hers all the time. She confided to us that this babe rubs her love button at least twice a day with her treasure trove of snatch toys. This miniature teen used to be self conscious about her body, but thankfully she’s left that behind her. “I used to want bigger in size mambos, but then I realized that all those other angels with humongous pointer sisters are starting to receive actually saggy and gross. I am going to look young, hot and flat forever!” We of course hope so!

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Cameron Skye – The Real Cameron Skye

The Real Cameron Skye

The Real Cameron Skye

These bastards over at are truly starting to piddle us off. Acquire this; we received a worthwhile email from a fascinating, plump goddess named Cameron Skye. From her writing we could tell that this precious hotty from Provo, Utah, a place that has the highest concentration of Mormons in the world, was bubbly, smart and sexy. This babe told us this babe wanted to experiment and live her life the way she wanted to, out of judgement. Well, the editor at SCORE took one check out her and flew her down to Miami tomorrow to take advantage of her ample 34H-cup scoops. They stole her right out from beneath us!

Well, we’re still showing you boyz the fotos so u can see what this babe has the appearance of out of all the makeup that SCORE puts on their glamour models. We love Them au naturel, as they say. Oh, and keep a look out, we’re intend to acquire our revenge…

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