How a MILF gets her ass ready for anal

How a MILF gets her ass ready for anal

How a MILF gets her ass ready for anal

Today, 40-year-old Katlynn Keys is going to show you her body with special emphasis on one part of her body: her ass. More specifically, her butthole. She’s getting her ass ready. For what, you might ask? For cock…more specifically, for her step-son’s cock, although she didn’t know that when she was doing this.

40Something: What kinds of dates do you like to go on?

Katlynn: Adventurous dates, chill dates, romantic dates. Any type.

40Something: How does a man attract your attention?

Katlynn: By coming across with a genuine sense of humor. That gets me every time. And talking with his eyes.

40Something: What is sexy to you?

Katlynn: The mind! A person who is explorative in knowledge and yearns to learn.

40Something: Are you sexually assertive or passive?

Katlynn: Definitely passive.

40Something: Anal sex?

Katlynn: Yes, please! The sensation and orgasms are great.

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Fuck that hairy MILF pussy!

Fuck that hairy MILF pussy!

Fuck that hairy MILF pussy!

Today, Amanda Rose, a 52-year-old divorcee, mother and office worker from the Czech Republic is getting boned by Joe’s big cock.

“I love the idea of people watching me while I’m having sex,” Amanda said. “I hope all you guys out there are jacking off for me.”

No doubt. Amanda starts things off by showing off her beautiful body. She strips down to her fishnet stockings and lingerie, spreads her hairy pussy so we can see how pink she is then sucks and fucks the dude’s big cock until he cums all over her cunt.

“The people I know would definitely be surprised to see me here,” Amanda said. “My kids would be shocked. My friends…I think some of them would disown me. But I’m just trying to have a little fun.”

Looks like she succeeded.

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Army Wife

Army Wife

Army Wife

Wearing a skin-tight tube dress, SCORE Girl Angel Gee writes a letter to her man in the army. “Can’t wait until you cum all over my tits,” Angel writes. What a tender sentiment. It should be used in greeting cards. She rubs her tits and pussy-hole thinking about getting fucked.

Cut to later. There’s a knock at the door, Angel wears a sexy negligee as a sweet homecoming gift. Seeing Angel’s massive tits under sheer lace, her man is on her in an instant, palming her huge, huge tits and pierced nipples. They’re not even two feet from the front door as Angel kneels before his cock to worship it with her wet mouth and soft hands.

They move to the couch so Angel can have her pussy licked and fingered as foreplay for fucking. “You’re gonna have to break me in all over again,” a hyper-horny Angel cries. A very vocal girl, Angel gets even hornier from her nasty talk. Angel’s also a screamer. Girls like that are hard to find. “I love your dick, baby!” Angel yells.

Her own personal drill sergeant pumps the heavenly hooters out of Angel in enough banging positions for a sexology manual, ending with a pile-driver on the floor that drives her over the edge. Angel not only earns another set of wings, she earns a thick load of cream all over her giant jugs.

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AnilosNaturally Yours

featuring Roxee Couture.

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May 30, 2021


When you have all naturals like the ones Roxee Couture is rocking, you’ll want to show them off. A deep v-neck dress both draws attention to her beset assets and provides easy access to them. Hot and horny for a good time, this cock craving mom can’t wait to play with her pierced clit.

Tiny Tease

Tiny Tease

Tiny Tease

“My dad has this employee who’s really cute. He’s a bit older than me, maybe 30 or 32. I’ve been trying to give him signals that I’m interested, but I guess because he works for my dad he’s cautious. I was tired of waiting for him to make a move so I just went for it. I waited till we were all alone and I asked him to stay and keep me company. I think at first he was surprised at how forward I was, but once I started rubbing his cock through his pants, he was all in. As I started sucking his dick, I couldn’t help but think, oh shit, it’s really happening! He was rock hard and I could tell he was as turned on as I was. My pussy was making macaroni noises once we started fucking. As we were having sex, I got the idea for him to cum on my face. I’d never done it before, but everything was so hot that it seemed like the right move. And it totally was. He unleashed a huge load all over my face and in my mouth.”

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Lucky Starr’s ass-toy afternoon

Lucky Starr’s ass-toy afternoon

Lucky Starr's ass-toy afternoon

“I like having my pussy eaten to the point of orgasm. And now I like having my ass fucked, too!” said Lucky Starr, a 46-year-old cougar from New York City who lives in Los Angeles, California.

“I used to only like getting fucked in my pussy. But I’m an open-minded person, so I was like, why not try to get into anal? My friends who are into it are really into it. It took some time for me to get used to it, but now I’m a total butt slut. The most important things are preparation and being relaxed. I love how hard I can cum from being fucked in the ass.”

There’s no guy around today, but that’s okay. At first, Lucky is enjoying a beautiful Southern California day, doing a little dance for us, but then she goes inside and shows us her pussy and the ass that was fucked at This video is very ass-oriented. She tells you how she likes her ass fucked. She primes her asshole with her finger than slides in a big, pink toy.

“It’s like you’re fucking my ass!” she says.

Lucky isn’t just about getting her ass fucked, though.

“I love to eat ass,” she said. “Guys either love it or they hate it. I’ll go further and even stick my finger up there. Sometimes you’d be amazed what guys ask for. When I go for the taint, if he tilts his hips forward, he’s game.”

Are you game? Or would you just rather fuck Lucky’s sweet ass?

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Katlynn’s step-son fucks her ass

Katlynn’s step-son fucks her ass

Katlynn's step-son fucks her ass

This scene picks up where Tuesday’s left off. Katlynn Keys, a 40-year-old cougar, is in bed, tits out, legs spread, playing with her pussy and ass, when her step-son walks in on her. Now, some women would be angry about this, but not Katlynn. Her hubby hasn’t been fucking her, and she needs some cock. But where does she need some cock?

1. Down her throat. Katlynn has very impressive blow job skills. She gives a wet, sloppy blow job and sucks balls, too.
2. In her ass. Her step-son never gets to fuck her pussy in this scene. He only fucks her ass. That’s one way to avoid getting your horny step-mom pregnant. And if Dad asks, “Have you been fucking my wife?” you can always say, “Yeah, but never in her pussy. Only in her ass.”

“Fine, Son.”

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Deep inside Luna Azul’s pussy

Deep inside Luna Azul’s pussy

Deep inside Luna Azul's pussy

Here’s Luna Azul, a 64-year-old mother and grandmother from California who started fucking in our studios when she was in her 50s. Today, Luna is going to show you her big tits. She’s going to fuck her pierced, very wet pussy with three fingers. She’s going to spread and finger her asshole. She’s going to talk dirty and tell you how much she loves your cock. Yeah, your cock.

Now, you might be wondering, “How does Luna know she loves my cock? She’s never seen it.”

Because Luna loves all cocks, sight unseen. This horny swinger is a cock slut.

Our favorite Luna story is about the time she spent two days getting her 60something pussy pounded by porn cocks in our studio then jumped into a rental car, drove up to Orlando, Florida and spent a couple of days fucking in swingers clubs. If that doesn’t tell you how horny this divorcee is, nothing will. We asked her what makes her horny, and she said, “Being near a luscious, hard cock. Someone once asked me, ‘Do you like young cock?’ and I responded by saying, ‘Does a bear shit in the woods?'”

Luna loves cum. She loves the taste of her own pussy juices, as she demonstrates in this scene. Ya gotta love a grandma who sucks her cunt sauce off her fingers.

In addition to being very sexy, Luna is one of the nicest women we’ve ever met. She’s friendly, kind and considerate. She has a great sense of humor. She doesn’t think she’s all that just because she’s a sex superstar. She said if a man wants to meet her, he “should give me an insight into his personality. I want a man who is willing to make me the center of his attention and be willing to help me.”

Help her in and out of bed…or wherever?

“That’s good, too!”

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