A Roadside Jack By Jasmine Black

A Roadside Jack By Jasmine Black

Jasmine Black is hot. But then you knew that. Jasmine has no car so she has to walk on a deserted country road to her destination. The sun is shining and Jasmine is overheated. Her white blouse is soaked. She lifts it up to cool off but that doesn’t do much to alleviate her discomfort. If only a nice gentleman would stop and render assistance to this beautiful brunette with a silky-smooth voice.

Jasmine’s wish comes true when a car stops for her after she sticks her thumb out.

Jasmine hops in, delighted to have a knight save her day. She teases him with big smiles and a look at her bare, beautiful tits. She massages her breasts and checks to see if she has raised something big. She has. After some small talk, Jasmine and the driver get into the back seat where she pulls off his shorts so she can jerk and tit-fuck him with a look of delight on her lovely face.

The back seat is too tight so Jasmine gets out of the car and he follows. They find a shady spot on the grass by the car, where she resumes her jacking and tit-fucking, her hands-on skills making him spurt a big load on her breasts. It pays to be a hero to damsels in distress.

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