Act Figure Doll

Action Figure Doll

One of the very basic and sadly overlooked pleasures in this ridiculously fast-paced way of modern life is hanging out during the time that a sexy vixen tries on the kind of outfits that do her fashionable body justice. The mega-smoking honey bunny in this SCORELAND photo-shoot and video “Action Figure Doll” is the glamorous Sheridan Adore, a Texan who has an outrageously hot body, a great pair of larger than run of the mill funbags, and is a ravishing and down-to-earth goddess also. The raiment Sheridan is trying on conforms to the essential SCORE theory of “too constricted, likewise short and too low.” The next time someone asks you what is most precious in life, repeat: “Too taut, likewise short, likewise low.” This scene is virtually adore going dress shopping with Sheridan and getting to hang out in the dressing room. Notice that Sheridan can’t aid but have a quick take up with the tongue of her love bubbles during the time that changing. Almost any beauties probably don’t do this in department store dressing rooms but it is an fantastic idea and greatly recommended. When Sheridan‘s garments selections run out, that babe takes matters into her own hands!

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