Sultry Stems

Seductive Stems

Alexis is a attractive chick with a penchant for fancy lingerie, big heels and men who know how to appreciate a femdom-goddess. She’s the kind of goddess that can’t live with out having doors opened for her, checks picked up by her dates and her legs and feet massaged, oiled and worshiped by submissive males. You’ll never see her out and about in sneakers or flip-flops. She’s strictly about the heels, always looking hot and glam.This tempting pleasing heart likes to pamper herself and be pampered. “I was dating a chap some years ago who indeed enjoyed using lotion on my legs in advance of we’d have sex. That dude would take his time, massaging my thighs and calves and working his way down to my feet. I suppose that is when I began doing it more on my own as well. I am actually meticulous about my routine now, using different creams to keep them super smooth and smelling valuable. Chaps always tell me my skin is remarkably squashy. I know the males I give foot-jobs to are especially grateful, not to mention turned on. It is fun for me, also.”
Alexis believes that u receive what u put out there. “Honestly, I was weary of in a relationship with and dealing with little boys who sucked at sex and had no manners. I decided to up my game and become a hot seductress. Now I dress to kill, act assertive and go after the types of boyz I want. And it works. I’ve got guys lined up, ready and begging at my feet.”

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