All about first-timer Anna Moore

All about first-timer Anna Moore

You’re intend to savour this interview with 43-year-old Anna Moore, a first-timer to banging on-camera.

For one, Anna is golden-haired and Big-Boob and has a very worthy arse.

She’s frisky. She’s joy. She tells tons of stories about her carnal adventures.

She used to be a Sunday school teacher and a college math teacher. Now that babe is sat here wearing barely-there underware and nylons.

And another thing: This babe spends the last half of the interview with her bosoms out. That’s very worthwhile, too.

Anna is newly re-married. This babe is a Mom of four and grandmother of one. She is from Michigan and now lives in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. This babe used to be a prude. Not anymore. Check out and learn.

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