A Global Obsession

A Global Obsession

Amy Anderssen (November ’14 SCORE covergirl) is truly a global obsession.
She’s a fire starter in ottoman scorching the sheet with her raunchy heat. Her hard-cock ally will be pulling out his tights to put out the fire. He’ll succeed but the flames will ignite once more pretty soon after. Amy is a very amorous beauty and she needs act.

“I would not date a lad unless I’m gonna copulate him after,” Amy says with a laugh and gleaming eyes. “What’s the point? Usually I’m forcing ’em into the bedroom. Usually I’m the one that wants it.”

Amy attracts attention, so much so that you’d think some TV network would suggest her a reality expose adore her idol, Kim Kardashian.

“I adore Kim. She’s one of the reasons I went from blond to brunette hair. That babe is the poster beauty for that kind of look. This babe is one of my role models. I guess in my hair and the eyes and the eyebrows, I can look like her. In some images, I can watch a resemblance. I hope I look love her! Usually people look at me in a certain way. They know something’s up with me. People try to talk to me a lot. People buy me wine on the plane, but it’s annoying because I wanna check out my movies, so I try not to make eye-contact.”

Well, u can not blame bucks for trying. They wanna live their dreams also.

And if there was an Amy Anderssen reality show on TV, what would it be about?

“I’ve thought of that. U would just see me globetrotting all over the country, just being Amy. I run all my stuff from my web page to my discharges. I don’t have an agent. I have done anything on my own. I came to USA on my own. U would just see me handling my business, handling my life, the bullshit, the wonderful, the bad, the ugly, the stylish, the celebrations. And there’s a lot happening each day in my life. I love to keep busy. I can’t just sit there and do nothing. I’ve at no time been this person.”

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