Anal Housewife Jasmine Jones

Anal Housewife Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones, a big-boobed, very wanton and cum-loving Texas housewife, was happy to talk about her anal sex life. This babe and her booty-call, butt-fuck buddy Al got it on nice. As u may know, Jasmine has a cum fetish. Al gave her plenty of nut-sauce to savour.

XLGirls: Do u practice anal sex on a regular basis at home?

Jasmine: No, I have only done it a not many times at home.

XLGirls: On a pleasure scale, how do you rate a bit of gazoo compared to slit sex?

Jasmine: I like it especially when I like to get a bit rough. Vagina sex is always going to be the almost all gorgeous but anal ranks beautiful high!

XLGirls: What is your much loved position for anal, and second prefered after that?

Jasmine: Spooning for anal is my prefered and then after a while, a change to doggie. That is when it receives intense!

XLGirls: How do you prepare your gazoo for anal dance? Do u use ass plugs?

Jasmine: I don’t use everything to prepare. As far as stretching goes, I desire him to stretch me open on his own.

XLGirls: Previous to you and Al had your scene, did you talk about what you were gonna do, such as what positions you wanted to do?

Jasmine: We did talk briefly about the different positions and how we were gonna do ’em. I love to start out slow and very quickly speed up. The unbending, fast ones feel more outstanding to me and grabbing my arse whilst fucking me makes it even more nice. I adore it deep but not at first. This lady-killer has to work up to that.

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