Gal Face

Angel Face

Beauty DeLuca: one of the all-time sexiest girls ever at XLGirls and SCORELAND. This babe could just stand there in a swimsuit and initiate widespread boner production. Fortunately for us all, Beauty is a hottie and expresses her hotness to the hottest degree. Today, Tyler dives into the gracious Gal and bonks her stiff and meaty. This is an meeting he won’t pretty soon forget. For a particular after-sex treat, Cutie jacks his nut-butter into her mouth.

Surprisingly, Cutie says that getting hard nipples from finger or oral stimulation is a fresh experience for her. “It’s really only very lately that my nipps started getting stiff,” Gal discloses. “Before, they would not at any time get hard. It has merely been in the past year or two where if I touch them, they instantly get rock hard. No thing would happen before. You could have called ’em sleepy areolas.”

How did that areola awakening happen?

“I think I became more sexual, and I suppose my body just decided it was time. So my nipps just decided to come out and say greetings.”

When Angel first first took a bow here, she did only solo bare modeling, which she’s just as smokin’ hawt at as she’s with a man’s body parts. She’d done web-cam sex with her wifey Sindel and a ladies man in advance of but Angel’s first hardcore scene out side of her bedroom was at XLGirls last year in “Super Sex With An Girl.”

“I truly have quite a slight adore button,” says Cutie. “Everyone tells me that I actually have quite a petite muff. Well, everyone that has come into contact with my bawdy cleft. It is very taut. I can not get more than 2 fingers in there. If the dick is truly thick, my fur pie accommodates it. As long as the dick is doing what it’s supposed to be doing and keeping me damp, we’re all admirable.”

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