Beauty In The Kitchen, Devil In The Bedroom

Angel In The Kitchen, Devil In The Bedroom

Angel Wicky burned down the house when this babe did a double-penetration in her 1st SCORELAND scene. “The feeling of 2 dicks inside me at the same is adore nothing else,” says Gal, back to bake it again in the kitchen. It is not boys but cupcakes that she makes with her dainty hands. The joys of domestication don’t get more joyous than with a stunner like Gal, especially at holiday time.

Looking mighty tasty in her red and white two-piece, consummate for preparing enchanting treats, precocious kitchen aide Girl mixes up her batter, spilling some on her large bosoms unintentionally on purpose. Not one to waste a creamy splatter on her scoops, Girl sticks her tongue out to smack the spillage just love this babe did when her 2 chaps initially debuted their loads of nut batter all over her face and bigger in size than run of the mill mambos and in her mouth.

Whilst her cakes are baking in the oven, Cutie uses the contemplating time to get exposed and brandish u more of her bigger in size than run of the mill cakes and pink pie, pleasuring herself in a recipe this babe didn’t identify in a cookbook.

At last, the cupcakes are done. Putting on her oven mitts, Angel takes them out and serves. Bon appé-tit!

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