Arkansas’ Foremost

Arkansas' Finest

Back to play with her astronomical mammaries, spread her ass-cheeks and open her pussy-hole, Sienna Hills came…all the way from Arkansas. Let us talk about her shaved seize. “I just actually don’t love all the bushiness down there. Actually, I don’t shave it totally. There is a little bit left down there, but I trim it very short so it appears love there’s no hair there. So, I adore the feeling of a little bit of hair on my fur pie, but just not a large, thick bush. It is a lot easier to maintain when it is trimmed. I am blonde down there, also, so that’s why the hair doesn’t brandish up much in pix and I look hairless.” Now let’s talk about her wobblers. “The funniest thing people have ever said, and it is happened a not many times, is they’ll ask me ‘Where did you receive those?’ And I tell them God gave them to me!”

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