Oral-stimulation Fixation

Oral Fixation

Did u know that Bailey Santanna 1st posed for us back in 2002? That babe was a redhead at the time and, like now, sported a shaven bawdy cleft. Seven years later, Bailey was proclaimed the world’s high reaching girlfriend (by us) because A) she has bigger in size than typical wobblers B) that babe wakes up her boyfriends with a irrumation.

And here she’s, 11 years later, now knocked-up with a six-month baby bump in her second of two preggo-sex scenes. Bailey’s tits are more massive than ever. It’s adore her massive areolae waited for her to get preggy so her milk sacks would grow larger and catch up to those pancakes. She’s even prettier than her first time and she has that glow that fertile babes have.

JC is impressed by Bailey’s sucklers as that babe will be by his bigger in size than standard wood. She’s extra-horny and needs plenty of sex. This babe also seems to be more orally fixated than this babe was previous to pregnancy. We promised Bailey and her pussy complete gratification so a lot is riding on this. This babe cannot leave and return home unsatisfied. This would bring shame to XL Girl’s game and we’d be to blame.

But for Bailey, this session has a glad ending. Bailey acquires all the dong she wants and a greater than run of the mill load of nutritious man cream for her face hole since we also guaranteed her a continental breakfast during her visit.

JC enjoys trying to fit Bailey’s mellons into his throat. In sequence 17-20, this chab attempted to engulf and lift one hands-free.

For a hardon bonus, Bailey’s pantoons receive moisturized and tape-measured at the end of this photo sequence.

As for Bailey, that babe delivered her bundle of fun 3 months after her XL Girls visit and we are glad to report that Mother and enchanting heart are doing great. That babe now wears a 40K bra!

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