Caramel Cunny

Caramel Cunny

Nobody can please Barbie love this babe can.
We featured Barbie in our Jan. ’12 issue. That babe was splaying her enjoyable snatch for a janitor back then, but that babe shared a little secret with us, nobody can make her cum love she does when she is masturbating. “I adore wang, do not receive me incorrect,” this babe said us. “But I cant have multiple orgasms with other people. It just feels likewise intense. When my parents are without the abode, and I can turn on my tunes, that’s when I fib back and explore my body. I’ve had up to a dozen orgasms in a row that way. It is awesome.”

Barbie can’t live out of putting on a unveil.
“The closest I ever need to having multiple orgasms with someone else is when I have them watch me masturbate. I adore when a buck kneels over me and jerks off whilst I’m using my sex tool. I’ll always let him know when I’m getting close so I can feel his cock juice spray my knockers right as I’m getting off.”

Barbie can’t live without to keep it smooth.
“I do not naturally grow any pubes, actually. I solely have to shave or receive waxed one time a month. It’s indeed convenient for me. I like the way silk panties rub up against my clitty when I walk. Sometimes, right after I have taken a hot shower and made sure my cum-hole is supplementary smooth, I’ll slide
the crotch of my silk knicker right into my pink flaps and walk around downtown, feeling it massage my clitoris and acquire juicy by my aperture. By the time I receive home, I need to run to my bedroom and spend some time with my toys.”

Barbie’s fantasies are coming true.
“I do not indeed have mad ambitious or way-out fantasies, just the usual. I had always wanted to have sex in public, which I lately did. I was out walking on the beach with my dog and ran into this gent playing a guitar by himself. We got to talking and that Lothario put his hand on my thigh. The next thing I knew I was bent over a picnic bench, and that charmer was balls-deep in me.”

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