Big Beauty Sex School Grad

Big Gal Sex School Grad

During the fall and winter, Pleasing Libra will be spending her nights watching the Miami Heat, either on TV or at the game. She’s a fan and was down when they lost the 2011 NBA championship to Dallas. “They’ll win in 2012,” declares L.L., who lives in nearby Fort Lauderdale and loves plenty of sex all the time. “Three times a day is what I like. If I do not have a ladies man handy, I’ll use my large sex tool. When I meet a woman chaser, I look at his package 1st and try to investigate if he’s hung and thick because I love a greater than run of the mill shlong. When I made ‘Big Goddess Sex School’ [playing on] with Madi, Shugar, Peaches and Ivy, the dudes in it had precious, big rods and we loved sharing them. Their dicks were bigger than average sufficient to fit betwixt my titties. What can I say? I’m a big cutie and I like large dicks! Why else would I be making movies?”

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