Giant Ass Ever

Biggest A-hole Ever

Hey, Helena! Long time no see! Has your butt gotten bigger since we last saw u in the Jan. ’09 issue?
“I think it has. Some of my trousers do not fit me anymore. But it is unusual ’cause it is like the solely place I gain weight is in my gazoo. The rest of me stays the same size! It’s hard for me to detect trousers. I receive to buy greater sizes so they fit my arse, but then they end up being too loose everywhere else. That’s why I wear skirts for the most part. I won’t wear underclothes with them either, so boyz can have elementary access to my cunt and arse! Plus the breeze feels fine beneath there.”

Do you’ve any worthwhile sex stories to share with us?
“Well, not also lengthy agone I had sex with that buck who had the humongous dick I have ever watched. It was soooo bigger in size than average! I was afraid it might hurt, but it didn’t. This buck knew how to use it just right. But I could not acquire over how bigger in size than typical it was. I like to think that I give pretty valuable head, but I could not even receive half of his pecker in my mouth!”

Did the lad need to be careful not to screw u too hard?
“Like I said, this Lothario knew how to work it. I guess that lady-killer is used to screwing diminutive beauties so this chab did not go likewise eager love, pounding me all inflexible. That man would go unbending sometimes and then switch and go slow. This skirt chaser came one time, and his hardon didn’t even go down. This chab kept screwing me! And that 1st load was so big. I’ve never observed so much cum in my life! I did not think that boyz with big ramrods necessarily had greater loads than males with smaller ramrods. Maybe this lad was just a beast! The sex was really great. This chab made me cum more than anyone has!”

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