Budding Dish

Budding Beauty

Violet is turning into a young woman.
Only final year this babe was barely five feet tall, rail thin and still playing with dolls. Seemingly overnight this babe grew taller and curvier, and her interests shifted from dolls to lads. She hasn’t completely prevented playing with toys, but now that babe prefers the kind that vibrate and make her bawdy cleft cum. “I was a late bloomer. While all the gals around me were experimenting with sex and growing titties and booties, I was still in my own little world. And then I just started to get lewd. Suddenly I was fixated with boys and schlongs. I caught up, except my bra buddies haven’t got the memo [Laughs].”

Do u wish u had bigger milk cans?
“I guess it would be worthy, but I don’t think about it likewise much. Although my mambos haven’t grown much, my butt sure has! I had to buy all new underclothing and jeans ‘coz my ass got also large for them. Other gals might have scones, but I have got the butt. It’s my beloved feature on myself and I like to costume to display it off in slight shorts, tight pants and really short skirts.”

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