Bush Is Normal

Bush Is Normal

Let us get unshaved!

Aria is from eastern Europe, a place where they still appreciate the bush. “It’s aberrant to shave down there,” she told us via email and the use of Google Translate. “Men and chicks use scissors to trim their pubic hair here, not at any time a razor. The 1st time I saw American porn online, I was shocked! Why do the honey bunnys there insist on looking that way?”

We wish we knew, Aria. We think it’s coz males have been conditioned into thinking that pubic hair on honeys is somehow unsexy or unsleek. We think that is hogwash.

“I think that sending my photos and episodes to u is joy. Would you be interested in more?”

We’ll leave that up to our members. Men, would u adore to see more of Aria and her unshaved wet crack? How about more Bush Babies in general?

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