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Buck, I have had a tough past week. People have been bugging me non prevent latterly. And when Byron came over to hang out, I was in a BAD MOOD. But Byron is so nice, he will do anything to cheer me up. And I do mean everything. So after I let him know what’s going on in my head, that Lothario starts trying to make things more fine. And what more admirable way than eating my twat. It was not even my idea. That man just begins going down and pleasant me with his supplementary lengthy dark tongue. I’m sure u all know that not merely are darksome fellows well hung between their legs, they are also well hung betwixt their teeth, hehehe. After a scarcely any licks, I’m feeling much more amazing. But then Byron pulls out his 11" monster ramrod and as soon as I saw that, my mood was WAY more worthwhile. I knew I was gonna need to fuck Byron and that would make my day. So this scene I dedicate to my sex slave Byron. U are the almost all precious, you know how to treat a BCS! XOXO – Katie
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