Bigger than run of the mill Group sex Theory

Big Group sex Theory

The last time u were here u took on 2 lads! Did you have enjoyment?
“Oh my God, so much! I loved being passed betwixt ’em as they had me every which way. Of course, I’ve had three-ways before and they were indeed admirable also, but those guys’ cocks were colossal! One was like the length of my forearm, and it felt so valuable inside of me. I’m a beautiful miniature gal so obviously my hands aren’t very large. When I was looking back at one of the pics I realized that my hands couldn’t wrap around one of the guys’ cock. It was astounding! I could not grab all of it, but I fit lots of it in my throat!”

What was your much loved part?
“I would say it is a tie betwixt being screwed doggie-style, which is my favorite position, and having ’em the one and the other cum on my face. I normally don’t let boys do that. When the smooth operator is about to finish I usually just gulp, but that day was specific.”

You’ve obviously thought about this a lot.
“Of course! It was some of the superlatively valuable sex of my life. It’s now my number once to think about when I masturbate. Before this my prefered was when my ex-spouse and I climbed a life guard tower on the beach and this guy was actually coarse with me. That dude had me against the wall and there were all these people that could hear us! We almost got busted by the cops. Now I think about those two boyz double-teaming me and making me cum twice. I guess about it and use my pink sex toy at least once a day. I adore to call my toy my best friend!”

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