Cheryl Blossom: The Rating Game

Cheryl Blossom: The Rating Game

Fair-skinned looker Cheryl Blossom doesn’t love to receive plenty of sun. In this scene, this babe actually rates her body parts with five stickers, numbered from one to five.

“I try to avoid the sun, so I guess if you saw me outdoors in the summer, I’d have on something with lengthy sleeves or maybe u wouldn’t see me when the sun is out. I started to wear things with a neckline just not long ago. Earlier, I attempted to hide the size of my chest to feel more comfortable. Now I like to wear things with a neckline, although I do not think that in instruct to draw attention to my hooters I must wear smth special. It is impossible to hide them!”

Miss Blossom is a hotty with many interests.

“I like to draw. I like flowers. I adore to watch videos. Japanese animation. I love to read books. I most like classic Russian literature. I like music. I’m getting interested in photography. I’m trying to decide regularly. Majority of my hobbies are not connected with communication.”

Cheryl has a webcam. The link is on her Model Directory page.

“I regularly meet very unusual people there,” Cheryl said.

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