Craving Jism

Craving Cream

Chloe and her husband discovered themselves alone…
Which was strange, ‘coz her parents were supposed to be back from vacation this day. This babe flung herself back onto the sofa and slid her petticoat up. “Hey, hot. How about we take advantage of this greater than run of the mill, empty house? We’ll must hurry, but I’m sure I can make it worth your whilst.” That babe saw the bulge in his trousers growing.

Her pussy’s so constricted and her throat’s so unfathomable.
“Come here and let me engulf you,” this babe demanded. He traipsed over to her, unzipped his pants and unleashed his monster. This babe took him slowly in her face hole. After a diminutive in number minutes of working up enough spit, she reclined and this ladies man started pumping her mouth. That babe reached down to feel her slit getting drenched. That babe had to have him inside her. “Sit down. I really wanna ride you.” She quickly seized his large shaft and sat on it.

“Cum on me!”
Every hip grind let more of his ding-dong inside her, but this babe was so small there was no way it would all fit. This babe just kept her gazoo moving until this babe felt his body commence to tense and man. “You can cum anywhere you wish,” that babe cried. And as the hot spurts coated her face, she swore that babe heard the front door creak open…

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