Freckled Flirt

Freckled Flirt

Hey Emily, you sure are cute! Do you have a partner?

“Nope! I’ve at not time had a boyfriend. I go to an all-girls school, and I am always busy in the afternoons. I’m on the basketball team, and I am likewise on the dance squad, so no time for lads! When I receive excited, I just play with my clitoris, but latterly I think I need more…”

Does that mean you’re gonna begin in a relationship with bucks now?

“Well, maybe. I would not mind going on a not many dates to try it out first. I have no idea if I would have time for anything serious, but I wouldn’t mind having a petticoat chaser kiss and take up with the tongue my cunny. I had a ally do that to me once, and it felt really priceless! I got so succulent; I was absolutely gushing in his throat! That buck told my vagina juices smack adore honey. I suppose that is what my cunny’s lust these days–some affection from a amorous boy’s tongue. Or maybe even a hot beauty. I just need someone to give my muff a nice lapping! So who urges the 1st taste?”

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