Flesh & Dream

Flesh & Fantasy

Gia Johnson deserves much praise. This babe is total girlfriend material. A dabbler in hot modeling just out for the experience, some joy, something different and a robust check.

“I like a charmer to make me chuckle and treat me with lots of attention and adore,” Gia said.

“Once I must a comfortable level with someone, I love it when they smother me with attention. I desire the honeymoon stage of a relationship to final a lengthy time. So when the boy I’m with is all over me, and gives me great sex, then I’m cheerful.

“Bend me over the kitchen table and poke it into me during the time that you squeeze my love muffins and spank my arse. Shoot your sexy cream inside me. But I like being touched all the time. My shoulders, my thighs, my waist. Just do not pinch me so subrigid that you leave bruises. But when we’re out on a date, wait until we receive back home before getting likewise sexy on me. I am private adore that.”

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