Flirt In A Petticoat

Flirt In A Skirt

Helena wants to brandish u what’s beneath her petticoat.
Helena’s school imposes a dull uniform on the students, but that of course doesn’t make her a dull beauty. In fact, she’s quite the contradictory. None of her classmates are as frisky and lascivious as Helena. Her skirt might be plain and brown, but underneath it her muff is pink and moist and ready for action!

How do u feel about your uniform?
“I abhor it. It’s so boring and itchy. It makes me wanna rip it off and walk around stripped. Well, I would probably want to do that even if my uniform was comfortable.”

U sound adore you have got a wild side. Is that true, Helena?
“I guess so. I like to have pleasure, and I’m more daring than all of my allies. For example, I flashed one of my teachers my straps in class. I even got sent to the principal’s office for that! And once I went to school out of a underneath garment, which would not be such a large deal if our shirts weren’t white. They endevoured to give me detention for that, but I fought it. There is no rule that says we have to wear a undergarment, so technically I wasn’t even doing anything wrong.”

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