Sexy Timid

Sexy Shy

Bonjour, Frederica!
“[Laughs], Bonjour! Certainly we speak French in Quebec, but I too speak English, Russian and Ukrainian, which is where my parents are from. U could say I’ve a very professional tongue! Males think so.”

What else can your tongue do, Frederica?
“I think I am very admirable at blow jobs. I’ve solely done them with two boys, but they the one and the other came quickly, which I guess is beautiful nice. I’ve a rock hard time courting boyz my age cuz I’m actually bashful, but mature bucks break me with out my shell. One as well as the other chaps I blew were in their late 30’s.”

What are your plans for the future? More pictures?
“I haven’t decided! It’s really exciting shooting for u boyz, but I do not know if I want do this all the time. It was a defiance to myself to do something wild and kooky. I’m normally very reserved. I am planning on plan to medical school and travelling Europe, so we’ll watch how that fits into my plans. Otherwise, let us relish this for now.”

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