Shag Pass

Fuck Pass

Hey, Megan! Who is the hottest stud at school?
“I know this is gonna sound weird, but I think the hottest fellow is the custodian. All these other males just do not do it for me. But the custodian just has smth about him that’s so hawt. I always stare at him, and I know this buck takes notice it. But he looks away cuz he probably wants to be expert. But I don’t care if that fellow craves to be accustomed. I wanna be a doxy and engulf his wang. So u know what I did? I said my teacher I had a baths emergency and got a hall pass, and I hunted down the custodian.”

You hunted him down? Please explain.
“I knew where this chab would be, and I went after him. When I found him I pulled him into an empty classroom and threw myself at him. That ladies man was hesitant at 1st but men can solely resist muff for so long.”

So did u have to suck his meat-thermometer love you wanted?
“I gotta do all that and more. Mouthing his 10-Pounder alone got me as slutty as I would normally acquire if a charmer were eating me out really wonderful. I love giving head, but it doesn’t usually make my pussy luscious. But I did get juicy when I was sucking him off coz I had been longing his pecker for so long. I was so aroused. Naturally, the sex was great.”

Tell us more about the sex u had.
“He put his jock inside me truly slow at 1st, which was astounding. Then that stud would pound me inflexible, then go slow. I loved that. That charmer was so wonderful at sex that I let him blow his cum all over my face.”

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