Getting to know Lillian Tesh

Getting to know Lillian Tesh

Calm as can be–because this babe is here doing what that babe can’t live with out to do–Lillian Tesh, a 51-year-old first-timer from South Florida, sits down for a chat with your editor (who’s obviously smitten). You’ll notice that during this interview, Lillian not quite at not time stops smiling.

“I’m a glad person,” she says. And that babe is happiest when that babe is fucking.

“I indeed do not date much,” Lillian told us. “I go out alone almost any of the time and pick up males.”

A dunky in number facts about Lillian to supplement this interview: This babe enjoys scary episodes. This babe likes sports and is a fan of Detroit’s teams. She likes yoga and swimming. And her perfect day?

“Have a great workout, go for a light dinner, stripping, then copulate a lot.”

Of course, not necessarily with the person this babe had dinner with.

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