Give a divorcee a hand…and a facial

Give a divorcee a hand...and a facial

In this movie scene, we revisit the benefits of living down the hall from a divorcee. The divorcee is Kristyna, who’s Fourty three and from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the favourable bastard is Juan, who lives in the same building as Kristyna. Right next door, as a matter of fact. Juan is helping Kristyna with her groceries “Can I give you a couple of bucks for your aid?” Kristyna says. “Don’t worry about it,” chivalrous Juan responds. “It’s been lonely since the divorce,” Kristyna says, “and being here with out the kids, sometimes I need a little extra aid.” “That’s what neighbors are for,” Juan answers. “Is that what they’re for?” Kristyna muses. “I did crave to talk to you about one thing. It is a little embarrassing, to be honest. At night, sometimes, when you’re–I’m assuming alone in your apartment–I can hear u…you know, when you are doing your thing.” Wait a second here! Is Juan the loudest jacker ever? How loud can a person be when he’s jacking? Well…”It receives me a little randy,” Kristyna admits. “When you’re playing with yourself, I’m playing with myself.” Now that’s the kind of come-on line you’d solely hear from a SEXY HOUSEWIFE divorcee. A younger girl? She’d play games for weeks, if not months, waiting for the Lothario to make his move. But here, Juan doesn’t get to make his move cuz Kristyna knows what that babe craves, and now that her little admission is without the way, she isn’t afraid to ask for it. Meaning Juan’s penis. The scene ends, by the way, with Juan shooting his semen all over Kristyna‘s face. Wonder if anybody heard that down the hall!

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