In Mrs. King’s Class, Everyone Gets Rogered!

In Mrs. King's Class, Everybody Receives Rogered!

Mrs. King is one of the most popular teachers in the school. This babe is a SEXY HOUSEWIFE, and on top of that, she’s admirable to her students. For example, here’s Ivan, who she’s allowing to make up an exam. “I’m sure I’ll do precious,” that ladies man says to her. “By the way, you look great this day.” But Ivan…little schmuck. He takes advantage of Mrs. King by cheating. U know, the aged cheat-sheet-up-the-sleeve trick. But this babe is wise to his tricks. “Let’s have it,” she demands, then this babe pats him down. Chest. Legs. Shlong, certainly. Yes, that babe knows that some students like to hide their cheat sheets in their crotches, so Mrs. King digs down unfathomable to find it. “It’s in here, isn’t it?” this babe says as that babe pulls it out…the sheet, not his meat-thermometer. That’ll come later. “You’re all distracted looking at me, it’s a wonder you learn anything,” that babe says. “Know what happens to cheats in my class? They acquire to screw Mrs. King.” Sounds to us like Mrs. King is rewarding bad behavior, but, hey, the lady is amorous, and that babe loves being 43 and getting attention from her young students. “I’m so happy u caught me cheating,” this man says as his knob is buried deep in her cheating bawdy cleft. It’s a wonder students those days learn anything (although Ivan appears to be to know a lot about creampies).

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