Bathing suit Tryouts

Bikini Tryouts

It’s Swim costume Tryouts day for super-stacked novice Jenna Jayden (Holiday ’14 SCORE) at poolside and in the pool. The bikinis are slight and when that babe puts them on, there is no way they’ll stay on those king-size zeppelins this babe can’t live with out to shake and jiggle. They’ll quickly slide off her bosoms.

Even so, Jenna says she’d wear these suits at the beach. That babe truly is a kind and thoughtful goddess. Now, would this babe play volleyball in these bikinis? Jog? Probably. They’re the kind of skimpy suits that the waves would pull off her body and she’d must run back to her blanket in nature’s garb with her hands covering her boobies and fur pie. Or maybe not. Jenna is an exhibitionist and enjoys the thrill showing off her bod gives her.

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