Bold Hottie

Cheeky Babe

Do u ever crave you had big mambos to match your large ass, Jessi?

“It would be kewl if I naturally had greater than run of the mill wobblers, but I wouldn’t get surgery to make ’em bigger. I am perfectly good with them being small. As long as I have a large butt I am okay with having little wobblers. But I do like greater than run of the mill mellons on other beauties. There’s this one gal I know with titanic fullsome funbags. That babe let me suck ’em before and it was truly hot. That babe also went to town on my little fullsome funbags.”

What else did u do with this big-tit beauty?

“We went down on each other and fingered each other. This babe even licked my backdoor. She was captivated with my large arse, and I was captivated with her greater than run of the mill mangos. We one as well as the other liked being with a girl who was the contradictory.”

How do you keep your fur pie and wazoo so smooth and bald?

“Well I am Brazilian so of course I get a Brazilian swimsuit wax. That is when they wax all the hair from your fur pie and your rectal hole. It’s so much more wonderful than shaving ‘cuz the hair grows back slower and softer and it takes much longer to grow back. The solely thing I liked about shaving my snatch area was when I had a buck to do it for me. Other than that it was a ache!”

This big-tit goddess you hooked up with, was she shaved or waxed?

“She truly had pubes. Not a ton, but sufficient. She bald her bikini line but that was it. I liked it! This babe did not have that much hair, and it was truly nice and blond and super cushioned. I didn’t choke on her pubes or everything when I went down on her. I would say she had the perfect type of pubes to not shave. I could still have to her clit ‘coz that babe didn’t have a large bush.”

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