New & Trim

Fresh & Trim

Jessica has the perfect amount of wet crack hair.
It is the flawless compromise between fuzzy and shaved. She’s trimmed with her swim dress line shaven so u can still watch her clitoris and slit lips clearly. But she has enough hair on her mound for aged school bushlovers to nuzzle and toss off.

Have u ever shaven your snatch bald?
Via Russian translator: “Yes, but I didn’t adore it. I prefer to have a little hair there. Dudes, especially the older ones, adore when babes have pubic hair. At least in the Ukraine they do. I love aged dudes so I will keep my hair down there for ’em.”

So we take it you’re not a virgin. Have you slept with many studs?
“I have had sex with three males. 2 of them were over the age of Fourty. They wanted to take care of me, and I enjoyed that. They were very giving and put my pleasure previous to their own. They knew how to give me great orgasms. However I am also young to settle down. I would love to trip and go to university and date all different kinds of bucks. My Mama thinks I should acquire married young love her, but I guess I’d rather relish 1st! There is so much more for me to experience sexually.”

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