Bangin’ Time For Jola

Bangin' Time For Jola

In her kitchen, Jola is dressed to flaunt tons of skin. Slipped into a “Kiss The Cook” apron over her taut bra and lacy knickers, Jola is preparing to bake a cake not shake her dumplings. Then Novis walks into the kitchen.

This dude doesn’t urge cake. He wants Jola’s pie. It has the appearance of they’re gonna have to eat out later. This guy encourages Jola to abandon the cooking lesson and bonk him right on the kitchen counter and on the floor. It’s been a during the time that since Jola’s had a rock hard sausage and there’s no time like the present.

The kitchen is now closed but Jola’s cunt is open.

“I had pleasure making this,” said Jola with a twinkle in her eyes. “Novis was a nice kitchen assistant. I think I wanna do this anew.” A salesgirl by profession, it appears like Jola has a whole fresh pastime now after joining the party at XLGirls. She might also wanna try out for that popular TV show, Kitchen Luscious Fantasies.

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