Joystick Flyer

Joystick Flyer

45-34-41 Nikki Smith has cleavage that a charmer can just get lost in for hours. Days. Weeks. What the hell, make it a month. She has primed-for-lickin’ mounds, primed-for-suckin’ nipples. Greatly mammoth, awesome bra buddies. She’s a hit at XLGirls.

There’s also something very different and lewd about Nikki. Her Mother also modeled for us. Her Mother is a 48-year-old blonde bombshell named Barbi Banks and this babe modeled for us too.

So horniness does run in this family. And a urge to feel the wind on their stripped skin. Birds of a feather fuck separately, if not together. In fact, Nikki encouraged her Mommy to adult model and brought her to our attention.

Some of u will remember British bust star Kelly Kay and her Mother Jane. Jane used to escort Kelly to the studio and one day this babe decided to pose nude herself. They also posed stripped jointly although Jane not at any time went all the way with wang love Nikki Smith’s Mamma did.

Barbi’s 1st hardcore shoot is posted at In print, Barbi makes her newsstand first appearance in Fourty something (SP 245).

The world is different now. Old honeys are not content to stay home and bake cunts.

They’d rather get their cunts baked.

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