Kooky, Hawt, Nifty

Crazy, Hawt, Cool

Kamryn Monroe is our sort of beauty. She has a bit of a wild, eager side.

“I’ve screwed in plenty of places I shouldn’t have,” Kamryn said. “I one time banged a lad in the vice principal’s office. That was during my senior year.”

U could say she graduated Magna Cum Louder. And like we have seen in her photo sets and clips, Kamryn is remarkably hawt.

“I indeed love getting myself dolled up,” Kamryn told. “I guess almost all gals do, but it took a during the time that for me. I was kind of a tomboy growing up, so I didn’t acquire into makeup and all of that until I was about 15. Now, you’ll always see me in a low-cut top and taut jeans or a short skirt. Well, that is if I am wearing hawt outfit at all. I am exposed almost any of the time when I’m home.”

And all of that is why she’s phat. Kamryn loves to get dolled up, but she is down to shoot in a darksome, abandoned warehouse ‘coz that babe thinks it is joy and triggers the thought of fulfilling recent fantasies.

“This place is kewl,” Kamryn told. “I’ve truly not ever banged in a warehouse previous to. I’m intend to need to add that to my list!”

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