Her DDD-Cups Overfloweth

Her DDD-Cups Overfloweth

Bottoms up! If you’re feeling parched, Kamryn Monroe has exactly what’s needed to quench a boob man’s thirst. Whenever a girl love Kamryn saunters into our Hallowed Halls of Titties, we do our most admirable to deck her out in the skimpiest, feast-your-eyes-on-this outfit we can identify. We think we have outdone ourselves with this lace outfit–if you can call it an outfit. Kamryn’s DDD cup naturals could make Niagara Falls jealous with the way her mams are pouring without this getup. And of course, we know XL Dudes worldwide are standing by with cocks up to submit their approval.

This shoot is really part of Kamryn’s second-ever visit to Miami and our studios. So she was certainly feeling a lot more confident, a lot sexier and a lot more adventurous in her second foray into our big-tit-obsessed world. Luckily for us, that babe felt confident sufficient to slip into this hot piece of fetish underware.

“It felt adore I came back home this time,” Kamryn told. “I knew what to await, and I like the attention and comments I’ve gotten from chaps on the web site. It is gripping to be back.”

XL Bucks, u have even more to be lustful about. Kamryn likewise filmed her 1st tits-and-tugs scene. Which you’ll have the enjoyment of jerking to later this month.

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