Thin waist, a-hole in your face…

Thin waist, ass in your face...

Every time we see u, your ass looks greater, Kapri!
“[Laughs.] That is ’cause it is growing! I can not avoid it. It’s gotten at least 2 inches larger since I filmed White Bread, Darksome Jelly and I adore it! I mean, who would not desire their butt to be bigger in size, right? The merely thing that is bad is that I do not fit into any of my jeans anymore. But that’s okay coz I started wearing
tons of spandex. It hugs my curves more and brandishes off my ass so I do not really mind.”

In White Bread, Dark Jelly, you took a serious booty plowing…
“I sure did! Lots of people have observed that scene and they are amazed ‘cuz I am a small dominant-bitch and I worked that bigger in size than standard wang like nobody’s business. But that’s because I know how to contract and expand the muscles in my gazoo!”

How do you work your ass muscles?
It is a process. U get to breathe and relax and then squeeze your gazoo cheeks and contract your asshole and then chill out, over and over. It makes anal feel worthy!”

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