Keepin’ It Constricted & Right

Keepin' It Tight & Right

Welcome back to BootyLicious, Kali.

“Thank you males for having me back. I have been working out a lot to keep my ass taut and right for all of my fans. I love keeping my arse firm so I can make it clap for all of u!”

Why is it important to keep your ass cheeks additional firm, Kali?

“It’s important for 2 reasons. The first is coz I have to cum and keeping my gazoo constricted allows me to bounce it up and down on a ramrod with a lot more control. That’s important for me to be skilled to bust and receive mine. The second is ‘cuz it helps me control how unbending I squeeze my a-hole cheeks on a wang. The more muscle, the faster I can receive that cum!”

Is cum part of your workout?

“[Laughs.] It’s part of my after-workout routine. When I am sore from all that sexercise, I love to receive a load of hawt cum all over my booty and then rub it right into my cheeks!”

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