Glad Ending Hand Party

Happy Ending Hand Party

“You discovered me on,” Kiko said. “I posted my own classified advert there just to see what would happen and then I got an email from u. But I’d seen SCORE in adult bookstores ‘coz I buy costumes there all the time. I always see the beauties with big wobblers in the magazine and I thought ‘How can I click this link there?’ I wanted to be in the magazine but I did not have a clue how to acquire inside.”

An exotic cocktail of Asian (Okinawa) and Latin, Kiko has exceptionally big areolae, as wide as pancakes. They are close to Cindy Cupps’ width. “When a lad meets me and spends any time with me, he not quite always stares at my chest,” says Kiko. “The edges of my areolae overflow the tops of my bras. Bucks urge me to rub-down their bodies with my breasts.”

Kiko is anxious to get the meat-thermometer in her palms and kick off jerking it. Intimate hand parties are one of her specialties. Kiko has very priceless hand job technique, holding the base with one hand whilst that babe strokes with the other hand.

Kiko applies finger massaging pressure to his nuts, squeezing ’em so the cum will blast out.

“You came all over these breasts,” says Kiko. “Titties’re all milky. Adore seeing those milk cans all milky?” that babe asks as this babe rubs the spunk on her mangos. This babe holds ’em up to unveil that they are running with cum. Kiko Lee knows she is a great Happy Ending Beauty and proves it.

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