Not So Cherry

Not So Cherry

Kristine is back and has a scarcely any stories!

Since this babe last posed for 18eighteen in Sept. ’13, Kristine’s racked up a few fresh experiences and that babe wants to share! First, there was the house party where she had her first three-girl sex party. “My face was moist with snatch juice!” Then there is the fresh toy. “My old ass-ramming prevented making me feel full so I bought a larger one. It’s twice as bigger in size than run of the mill so I had to work up to it. Now it fits!”

Kristine is trying to prove these cherries do not mean she is virginal…

She’s always had a wild streak, proving it by having wild sex in parks and going on plenty of dates with maturer fellows. In fact, she’s such a fan of old studs that she doesn’t have time for her girlfriends anymore. “I’m always on dates, which is worthwhile cuz they give me presents. When I do see friends they’re jealous. I just tell them to discover themselves a sugar daddy and we can double date!”

We think u are consummate!

So where did Kristine’s wild-child attitude come from? “Well, I have always been bad, but ever since I realized how much more stylish sex is than masturbating I’ve been hooking up a lot more!” Certainly that doesn’t mean that babe is not fondelling that pleasant, little cunny of hers all the time. She confided to us that this babe rubs her love button at least twice a day with her treasure trove of snatch toys. This miniature teen used to be self conscious about her body, but thankfully she’s left that behind her. “I used to want bigger in size mambos, but then I realized that all those other angels with humongous pointer sisters are starting to receive actually saggy and gross. I am going to look young, hot and flat forever!” We of course hope so!

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