Let’s Play

Let's Play

Hey, Louisa. Are you amorous to be starting a fresh year of school?
“Yes, absolutely. I’m 18, I am a senior and I am plan to make sure that this is the foremost year ever. For the first 3 years of high-school I was kind of a nerd. I kept to myself, did not try to dress priceless and I didn’t have many allies. Well, I am throughout with that. I wanna be popular. I want the phat cuties to wanna be friends with me, and I desire the boyz to wish me. This year, I am making it happen.”

How do u plan to become the almost any popular gal at school?
“I got a makeover during the summer, and I lost weight. Now that school has started I’ve been more outgoing. I talk to everyone. And I have even made the moves on a couple of boyz. For a ages I studied
what the popular cuties did to be popular, and I realized that furthermore looking marvelous and dressing priceless, they were all kind of slutty. So I have given a dunky in number blow jobs to the right guys-the captain of the football
team and our class president. Word is starting to widen that I am talented with my throat. Now people are starting to get more curious about me. Right in advance of I graduate, I’m intend to put this mag in the football captain’s locker. After that I’m sure people will be really interested in me!”

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