Back Again – Whole With Backsides

Back Again - Whole With Backsides

“Well, do not let it ever be told that I don’t try and listen to what all of you say. The e-mail I got the past two weeks has been enormous! And, there is been an overwhelming amount of pressure for more fotos of me and Chloe. Well, I usually would not have picked something like this so in a short time after trickling our pix just a small in number weeks ago, but I of course would not wish to frustrate you all.

“And, for these of you who demanded a actually admirable close up of our bottoms, there’s just a fabulous shot in here for you-I’m certain it is one you’ll adore. After watching Chloe’s Supreme Encore (and that is just what it is), I can tell u, Chloe is very comfortable down on all fours, whether it’s for another big-boobed angel love me, or a thick, hard lad love Tony. If you haven’t observed Chloe’s latest tape, I actually offer you check it out. There is just oodles of hawt, steamy ram on it, and watching her gulp a gent love Tony down to his nuts is the kind of thing that just makes a gal damp between the legs. Yes, even me.

“Actually, it was about time Chloe had sent me her latest, but it was worth the wait. Plus, it came in the mail the same day as my copy of the Boob Cruise 2000 DVD, which I was indeed blown away by. (I narrated it, by the way, and even though your own voice always sounds a matter of joke when u listen to it, I truly, indeed liked the way the DVD came out.)

“You know, I had to ask Chloe the last time we got jointly about how that babe fancied doing the tapes. I mean, it is not smth I’ve ever done, (although plenty of people have asked?or begged) but I did like watching her do it. Chloe’s indeed admirable about stuff adore that-I truly think there is no thing I could ask the goddess that would embarrass her-and she told me that as lengthy as that babe fancies the ladies man, that babe just likes it. I suppose I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, coz I love posing without any alluring raiment on, but Chloe indeed, really receives off on doing all sorts of sexually excited ram with a ladies man in front of the cameras. Make almost certainly of me, I have heard Chloe cum, and if u view the tape, you can rest assured that she’s one girl who’s not faking anything.

“I receive a lot of e-mails asking me if I would ever consider doing a movie with a boy. Whilst I won’t say ‘never’ to anything, coz you just not at all know, right now, my answer is ‘No.’ But, that doesn’t mean I am not plan to pop in Supreme Chloe once more tonight when my beau pops over and pretend!”

Take care,

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