Lorna Morgan In Algarve, Portugal

Lorna Morgan In Algarve, Portugal

In 1999, Lorna Morgan went to Algarve, Portugal, a laid-back but popular tourist town for a series of SCORE shoots that resulted in the clips On Location Portugal and Big breasted Euro Babes.

Lorna spoken about that week when this babe returned to Wales.

“I was there for one week in a villa with Linsey McKenzie, Jessica Turner and Kerry Marie,” told Lorna. “The weather was pleasing. Our photographer John Graham made me sunbathe for the 1st two days because I was so pale next to the other girls. Every couple of hours John would pass by the pool, watch my skin cooking and tell me to go inside ‘coz I looked like a lobster. About 30 minutes later, he’d wonder where all the colour went and send me back out once more. I arrived looking milky and left milky despite the constant sunbathing.

“I did not know Linsey, I did not know Jessica. I didn’t know any of them. At the airport, there was this wondrous cutie with handsome hair. Kerry was so pleasing, and we had so much pleasure chatting away. And then we ended up, as always, in a bunking situation jointly. There were so many people there, so I told to Kerry, ‘I’ll bunk with you if we’ve to bunk with anybody,’ and she said, ‘Okay!’ And we were just so similar. We went to sleep at the same time. We got up at the same time. She’s neat and tidy. I’m neat and tidy. We the one and the other like to have a chat, but we just don’t chat until four in the morning because we adore to have our cutie sleep.”

One of the almost all often mentioned scenes wasn’t Lorna playing with her fun bags and masturbating in her room at the villa. It was her walking to city dressed in shorts and a taut top. Go figure.

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