Can’t live out of It All

Loves It All

Admirable science project, Mae. U need to be a worthy first-year student.
“Thank u. I do receive admirable grades, and some people might call me a nerd because of that and the fact that I wear glasses. I am a popular nerd though because I have my group of allies and a healthy social life. I’ve had boyfriends and ram likewise, although they were gorgeous nerdy. But fortunate for me they were down to try some beautiful perverted stuff that I bet other people in my class wouldn’t think of trying.”

What kinds of perverted stuff would u try with your boyfriends?
“I’ve done anal and had sex in public places. I have had three-ways with allies. I even had sex at school in the cafeteria in front of my allies! I was making out with my husband and they kept egging us on to go farther, so we did.”

How’d that go down?
“During lunch we always sit in the corner, and my husband and I were at the end of the table and we were surrounded by our allies. I was wearing a skirt so I sitting on his lap and pulled my panties to the side and fucked him.”

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