Maid To Fuck

Maid To Fuck

“Maid To Copulate.” That’s the title of our sexually excited tale.

All through the evolution of erotica, stories of a chap and his maid remain some of the most-popular in history. This kind of man/maid randiness hit its stride during the Victorian era in the England. 200 years from now, accounts of boyz screwing their maids will still be cleaning abode.

Sirale fills out her hawt maid’s dress adore no one’s business. That babe keeps her blouse open so her round milk shakes can be appreciated by Jay, who is savouring the unveil by dangling out on his daybed. That is being productive.

Sirale likes teasing dudes first before that babe gives ’em a tumble. She knows anticipation is part of the game and makes everything sexier before the main event. Jay cant keep his furious bull in his trousers and pulls it out. Sirale could feather dust it along with the rest of the furniture. Fortunately, this Voluptuous and SCORE Gal likes to make men inflexible and then relieve the stiffness.

Jay gets Sirale topless and bottomless as quickly as possible so this chab can play with her big boobs. Sirale goes down to clean his meat-thermometer with her tongue, and during the time that she’s down there, this babe cleans his nuts with her lengthy tongue likewise. Her throat is love a vacuum cleaner as that babe proves on his nuts and pole. Now this is a maid.

Sticking his head between her stockinged legs, Jay licks and sucks Sirale’s clitoris and fragrant pink-box. This babe is willing to be a “Maid To Fuck” and Sirale is looking forward to a valuable, rock hard drilling. Jay is very cheerful that the agency sent him such a honey. Fucking Sirale’s larger than run of the mill titties and stretching her pussy is worth more than a clean apartment.

Sirale takes things into her own ravishing hands when it’s time to clean out Jay’s balls. That chap will not must do it himself. Sirale believes in full service. Her deep cleavage will collect his geyser and that babe will not let any stain the couch. Not after she’s cleaned it!

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