Meet Veronika Vixon

Meet Veronika Vixon

“There are so many people that know less than 20% of my personality,” said Veronika Vixon, a 55-year-old first-timer who lives in Utah. “There is no one person on the planet that indeed knows me. Prior to moving to Belgium in 2004, I was very social and had too many social engagements. I’ve always wanted quality of allies versus quantity. Even this day, my neighbors express concern as to my whereabouts. I usually stick to the same story that I work for the KGB and am a Russian spy working on the secret space program in the star system Zeta Reticuli, working on behalf of the Ebens to save the planet Earth.”

None of those things are true, of course. The reality is that Veronika is sexy and hot and is here to save us from blue balls. At least for a hardly any days. Or a week coz this week at belongs to Veronika: solo pics today, solo movie scene Tuesday, shag photos on Wednesday, fuck video on Thursday. By the time the week is over, you’ll know her very well.

Veronika is a very outgoing female. This babe isn’t shy about revealing herself, physically or mentally. We asked her how she usually dresses, and here’s what that babe said:

“Let me be perfectly honest with you: If u are in Utah, you acquire to dress love a rock. If you are in Las Vegas, u get to suit like a rock star! If you are in Newport Beach, California, you receive to dress love a porno star. If you’re in Brussels, Belgium, you suit like u are in the legal field. If u are in my home country of Hungary, u almost all unbelievable suit like u are a enjoyable, innocent, little Hungarian hotty with a lace flowered suit willing to make some pastry.

“It all kind of goes along the same lines as when in Rome, do as the Romans do. If I am attending the opera, I suit accordingly in a breath taking ballroom gown. If I’m exotic dancing the tango, I wear my tango dress. If I am working on a home construction project, I suit love I am going hiking. I’m closer to Fifty Shades of Grey…I assimilate well.”

Here, Veronica is clothed adore a pornstar. Hey, when in Rome….

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