The Magnificent Collision

The Magnificent Meeting

There are two total breast goddesses in Europe. Because of federal restrictions in the U.S. since 2005, they, love other European adult models, cannot come to The United States of America and pose. Whilst this law continues to be debated in the U.S. courts, those adult models receive to be photographed outdoors the country. This is the case with the super-natural superwomen Natalie Fiore and Micky Bells. We could not shoot ’em at our studio in Miami, Florida, so we flew ’em to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

In this episode, Micky is wearing a low-cut, red, button-down sweater that doesn’t cover almost all of her ass and a bra that brandishes tons of top deep cleavage pantoons. That babe is likewise wearing a garter, stockings and see-through belts. Spectacular.

Micky speaks in English to the camera.

“I have a surprise for u dudes,” she says. “I have a friend with me that has scoops as bigger than average as mine.”

Natalie enters. She’s wearing a mini-skirt and a blue, constricted sweater over a pointy undergarment. Is this babe real or a computer-generated image? Such vixens don’t actually exist in the flesh, do they? Yeah, they do. They are highly uncommon, and the ones who take off their sexy outfit on-camera are even more uncommon. That is why it is important to appreciate ’em.

It has the appearance of Natalie is intend to be the seducer and Micky the seduced. They every strip and worship the other’s plush body–sucking and giving a kiss teats and burying faces in unfathomable cleavages. Their milk cans demand worship. They want nipple-gasms.

Breast orgasms do exist. They are not a fringe, uncommon occurrence in honeys. They depend on the sensitiveness of a woman’s titties. In one study by Dr. Herbert Otto, 29% of 213 female subjects had enjoyed a breast orgasms. How do you acquire a job like that, studying love muffins?

I can not watch any chronic boobaholic ever getting enough of Micky and Natalie, either–separately or jointly. Even if Natalie and Micky did get into slit play with each other, it would take away time that could be spent on their immense bosoms.

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